Strategic Planning & Policies

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  • Building Notification Policy - This policy was adopted in accordance with the Act to provide for public participation in the decision making processes.
  • Commercial Strategy - The commercial strategy undertakes a review of commercial and industrial zones and identifies the need for change in these zones.
  • Contaminated Land Management Policy - The purpose of this policy is to establish ‘best practice’ for managing land contamination through the planning and development control process.
  • Development Control Plans - Development Control Plans specify rules, conditions and controls applying to various forms of development.
  • Development Strategy 2014-2017 - This simple strategy is seeking to identify a number of future development opportunities which Council sees as providing new housing opportunities for both local population growth and people choosing to migrate to the area.
  • Grey-crowned Babbler Retention Plan - The Grey-crowned Babbler is a species of bird found in suitable habitat in and around the township of Gloucester
  • Housing Development Strategy - The Housing Development Strategy sets out criteria to identify the future housing needs of residents.
  • Local Environmental Plan 2010 - The Gloucester Local Environmental Plan applies to all land within the Gloucester Shire Local Government area.
  • Main Street Heritage - Guidelines - The Main Street Heritage Guidelines are aimed at maintaining and enhancing the existing character of Gloucester and its main street.
  • Section 94 Development Contributions Plan - The Section 94 Development Contributions Plan applies to specified zones as listed in the plan and has exemptions to development types.