Scores on Doors is coming to Gloucester

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MCC retail food inspectionsGloucester retail food businesses will have a fantastic opportunity to showcase the high quality of their business operations as MidCoast Council rolls out the NSW Food Authority's Scores on Doors program. 

The Scores on Doors program also gives customers peace of mind when it comes to food hygiene and safety.

Scores on Doors, already operating in the Great Lakes and Manning regions, aims to improve food safety standards and to reduce the instance of foodborne illness in the retail food industry.  

While Scores on Doors is completely voluntary and businesses can decide if they wish to participate, the program can provide a marketing advantage for participating businesses that comply with food safety legislation.

“Scores on Doors offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to show customers just how seriously they take food hygiene and the results they have achieved by displaying a rating certificate and sticker on their door” says Council's Manager Waste, Health and Regulatory Services, John Cavanagh.

The certificates and stickers on public display reflect the result of the most recent hygiene and food safety inspection.  This means that what was previously only known to environmental health officers is now available to diners.

The program will commence with inspections of Gloucester food businesses by Council's environmental health team over the coming months.

“If you see a restaurant displaying the purple and green certificate and sticker you can dine there safe in the knowledge it has met minimum hygiene and food safety standards during the last food inspection" John said.

The rating system of Excellent (5 stars), Very Good (4 stars) and Good (3 stars), all represent various levels of compliance with the Food Standards Code.

Council officers inspect businesses and rate their hygiene and food safety standards. The rating includes such things as food temperature control, food prepared in advance of service, food handler hygiene, cleaning and sanitisation and pest control.

Scores on Doors also creates greater consistency in food hygiene inspections around NSW as all councils use standardised inspection checklists which gives greater visibility and transparency of compliance by food businesses.

"We are encouraging Gloucester retail food businesses to contact us for more information and resources to assist in achieving the highest level of compliance and associated Scores on Doors rating" said John.

For more information visit or or contact Council, telephone 6591 7222.


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