A project of Gloucester Shire Council

Gloucester Shire Council is preparing a flood study for the Gloucester and Avon rivers.  The flood study is being undertaken as part of the Gloucester Water Study Project.

A flood study is a comprehensive technical investigation of flood behaviour.  Flood levels, extents and velocities will be examined within the study area for a range of design events, up to and including the Probable Maximum Flood. 

The study will help improve council’s planning and management of the catchment, such as setting flood levels for development and improving flood emergency responses.  The NSW State Emergency Service use the data from flood studies to develop Local Flood Plans that are used in the event of an emergency.

The data from the flood study will also be used to guide the location of surface and subsurface infrastructure on the floodplain for the AGL Stage 1 Gloucester Gas Project. 


Study Area

The study area for the flood study includes the Gloucester River, from the confluence of the Barrington River to the crossing at Stanton’s Lane; and the Avon River, from its confluence with the Gloucester River to the upper reaches of the catchment west of Stratford.


Floodplain Risk Management Committee

A Floodplain Risk Management Committee has been formed to oversee the implementation of the flood study.  The Committee is made up of Councillors, Council staff, representatives from State Government agencies including the State Emergency Service and the Office of Environment and Heritage as well as local community members. 


NSW State Emergency Service

The NSW SES is the primary response agency for flood emergency.  For further information on how to prepare for flooding, visit the FloodSafe website - www.floodsafe.com.au




Flood Study Fact Sheet June 2015.pdf (pdf 1.3MB)
A fact sheet of frequently asked questions about the Flood Study, including changes to development controls, insurance premiums and flood prone land
Gloucester and Avon Rivers Flood Study - Flood Mapping Compendium (pdf 40.6MB)
File size - 41 MB. Higher resolution maps are available on request
Community Questionnaire (pdf 230.2KB)
Questionnaire to collect information from members of the community on experiences with flooding in the Gloucester region.
Catchment Map (pdf 419.9KB)
Map showing catchments in the Gloucester region in relation to the Flood Study
Map of Study Area (pdf 432.3KB)
Map showing extent of hydraulic modelling to be undertaken
100_2940.JPG After math of flood 1929.jpg