A project of Gloucester Shire Council

The Produced Water Evaluation Study component of the Water Study Project includes an independent assessment of coal seam gas produced water disposal and reuse options as part of Stage 1 of the Gloucester Gas Project.

The Study takes into consideration the predicted produced water quality and quantity, existing land and water use, climate, soils and geology, policy, industry and employment in Gloucester to identify preferred options for coal seam gas produced water.  A social, environmental and economic impact assessment method was used to determine what may or may not be feasible.  

Consultants RPS were engaged to undertake the Produced Water Evaluation Study.  A final report was delivered to the Technical Steering Committee in May 2014 and is available for download. The report identified potentially feasible reuse options including irrigation of pastures or feed crops, aquaculture, forestry and irrigation of parks and gardens.  




May 2015 Update - A summary paper on the Produced Water Evaluation Study was presented at Ozwater '15, Australia's International Water Conference and Exhibition hosted in Adelaide by the Australian Water Association on the 12th to 14th May 2015.  The paper, titled REUSE AND DISPOSAL OPTIONS FOR CSG PRODUCED WATER: THE GLOUCESTER GAS PROJECT, NSW was presented by Mr Alfonso Perez, one of the key authors of the Produced Water Evaluation Study.  A copy of the paper can be downloaded from the link below


Appendix A - Regulatory Framework (pdf 2.2MB)
Appendix A - Regulatory Framework