A project of Gloucester Shire Council

The Independent Peer Review component of the Gloucester Water Study Project involves an objective, technical review of the following documents, prepared by consultants Parsons Brinckerhoff on behalf of AGL:


    • 2014 Gloucester Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Annual Status Report (In Preparation)
    • Numerical groundwater modelling of the Gloucester Basin : Local scale fault models (In Preparation)
    • Numerical groundwater modelling of the Gloucester Basin : Regional model (In Preparation)


    Dr Richard Evans of JacobsSKM has been engaged in the role of Independent Peer Reviewer for Gloucester Shire Council.  The role of the Independent Peer Reviewer is to undertake the following tasks on behalf of Council and the community:

    • Peer review each of the final versions of AGL's Water Studies (listed above)
    • Prepare reports relating to the peer review
    • Provide draft and final reports to Gloucester Shire Council and AGL
    • Be available to answer questions of the Water Scientist, Council and the community

    Two Peer Review reports will be prepared; the first will provide a review of AGL's 2013 Water Studies, and the second will review the 2014/2015 AGL Water Studies.  

    The first Independent Peer Review report was released in June 2014.  







    Independent Peer Review Report June 2014 (pdf 624.4KB)
    Technical peer review of AGL's 2013 Water Studies ...