A project of Gloucester Shire Council

The Baseline Water Survey component of the Water Study Project involves a surface and groundwater survey of water supplies on private properties within the Gloucester Gas Project area.  The objective of the Survey is to provide landholders with monitoring results from a comprehensive set of parameters and a permanent survey record that can be used to assist in determining a baseline condition of their water sources.  

Sampling points may include bores, springs, dams, rivers, creeks and rainwater tanks that are used for water supply for irrigation, stock watering and drinking water.

The Baseline Water Survey will comprise of two parts, which have different time frames for implementation. Part 1 involves monitoring within the Gloucester Gas Stage 1 Project Area.  Part 2 involves monitoring within the Gloucester Basin outside of the Gloucester Gas Stage 1 Project Area.  

Part 1 of the Baseline Water Survey was completed in March 2014.  Consultants SMEC (Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation) completed the sampling and survey component of the project, with analysis being undertaken at ALS and MidCoast Water laboratories.

19 landholders participated in Part 1 of the Baseline Water Survey, with over 40 samples from rivers, creeks, dams, spring fed dams and rainwater tanks collected.  Part 2 of the Survey will commence in July-August 2014.  


Baseline Water Survey Stage 1 Map (pdf 391KB)
Properties that fall within AGL's Stage 1 Project ...