Built Environment

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  • Drains - The drain is just for rain
  • Enforcement of parking regulations - Both Council and the local police actively monitor parking regulations in all of the Council’s townships, especially around the local schools and Disabled Zones.
  • Footpath Activities - Business operators can apply to use a footpath for their activities provided they have council approval.
  • Local Government Road Safety Program - The program aims to address local road safety issues through a number of projects that are undertaken by Council's Road Safety Officer often in conjunction with local schools, community groups and police.
  • Mid Coast Water - Water and sewerage services for the Gloucester and Barrington communities are provided by Mid Coast Water.
  • Mid North Weight of Loads Group - The Mid North Weight of Loads Group works in co-operation with the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority to protect and prolong the life of our roads by reducing the incidence of overloaded vehicles.
  • Public Gates and Ramps - Public Gates and Ramps applications
  • Rural Road Numbering Signage - Rural Road Numbering Signage. Council has adopted a new style of sign for rural road numbering which will come into effect on 1 July 2015. The intent of the newly designed style of sign is to assist emergency services.