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About Gloucester


.. find a map

.. learn about Gloucester Shire

.. read about Gloucester’s History

.. book a Community venue

.. see What's the weather like

.. request a Certificate (121ZP, 149, 603, 735A)

Arts & Recreation

Building and Development

.. book a Council campsite

.. apply for a Construction certificate a Community venue

.. apply for an Occupation certificate

.. learn about sporting facilities

.. lodge a Development Application (DA)

.. locate a park or reserve

.. request a Building line variation

.. visit the Pool



.. book a Community venue

.. contact a Councillor

.. find out what’s on

.. download the Business Paper

.. list a Community event

.. find a job at Council

.. look-up a Community organisation

.. learn about our Representatives

.. register a Community organisation

.. read Council's Newsletters

.. look-up fees and charges

.. locate a Council facility

Farmers Market

.. make a complaint

.. obtain information (under GIPA Act)

.. visit the Farmers Market

.. pay my rates

.. see who will be at the Market

.. see What’s-on at Council


.. register my pet

.. pay my rates

Roads and Drainage

.. look-up fees and charges


.. dig or work on Council land, driveways a problem

.. book accommodation

.. request Private Works

.. download tourism information

.. find things to See and Do

.. see what the Weather’s like

.. see What’s-on

.. visit a National Park / Barrington Tops

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