Council Structure

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The Local Government Act stipulates that the Council will appoint a General Manager to conduct the day to day management functions of the Council, and to this end, will appoint appropriate levels of staffing and allocate functions to those appointed roles. Senior staff profiles and the operating structure of the organisation are outlined below. 

General Manager - Danny GreenProfile picture of Danny Green

The General Manager is responsible for the overall management of the organisation, for the carrying out of Council's policies and strategic objectives and for ensuring Council is provided with accurate and clear information in a timely manner to promote effective decision making.

The role is responsible for community consultation and engagement processes and to pursue beneficial relationships with regional neighbours and other levels of Government; it involves developing partnerships, resource sharing, information sharing, and lobbying to improve the strategic position of Gloucester Shire.

The General Manager develops, reports and monitors the Community Strategic Plan and long term and short term financial budget.  He directly actions the CSP Elements of Governance, Community and Economy.  He exercises such functions as delegated by the Council and the appointment, direction and dismissal of staff in various departments.

Profile picture of Gil GendronManager of Technical Services – Gil Gendron

The Manager of Technical Services is directly responsible for the CSP Element of Infrastructure which includes renewal and maintenance of roads, bridges, fleet and depot, pedestrian infrastrucutre, street lighting, private works, quarries, cemeteries, flood mitigation, saleyards, stormwater, asset and design functions.




 Manager of Planning & Environment 

The Manager of Planning & Environment is directly responsible for the CSP Element of Environment which includes Strategic Land Use Planning, Statutory Planning and Development Control, Environmental Management and Sustainability, Waste Management and Resource Recovery, Weed Management and Ranger Services.




Rob_2607Manager Governance - Rob Griffiths

The Manager Governance is responsible for renewal and maintenance of Council's parks and open space, sporting grounds, swimming pools, public toilets.  Risk and Safety also fall under this position.





Manager Finance - Susie Jones


The Manager Finance is responsible for finance services, rates, debt recovery, payroll, customer service and records management.






Organisational Structure

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