Community Strategic Plan (IP&R)

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  • Community Engagement - Measures Council takes to engage the Community to provide input on the future plans for the Gloucester Shire.
  • Community Strategic Plan - The Community Strategic Plan sits at the top of Council’s planning framework and will influence all the activities that Council will undertakes during the coming 10 years.
  • Community Submission Form - Use this form to provide your input or feedback to the Community Strategic Planning process.
  • Delivery Program - The Delivery Program is the Councillors' Plan where the actions to be achieved during their term in office are identified.
  • Document Request Form - Use this form to request a copy of an IP&R / Community Strategic Plan document.
  • IP&R Process - Council has engaged with the Gloucester Community in developing a Long Term Strategic Plan for the Shire spanning a 10 year time frame.
  • Operational Plan - The Operational Plan is an integral part of Council’s planning framework and should be read in conjunction with our Delivery Program and Gloucester’s Community Strategic Plan.
  • Resourcing Strategy - The Resourcing Strategy identifies what resources, in the form of finances, assets and human resources, will be required to meet the goals and aspirations of the Community Strategic Plan.